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Oostersluis - by Klopmasjien

The Netherlands, as you might know, is a small country below sealevel with lots of rivers, canals, bridges and locks (‘sluis’ in Dutch).

Oostersluis is a lock in the city Groningen, connecting two canals with different waterlevels. It is 190 metres long and can handle big cargo ships. The lock has two drawbridges, one on each side. If one is open, road traffic can use the other one. The original lock was built in the 1930’s. It was completely rebuild in the 1990’s, but some remains of the original lock are still there.

Two benches, one on either side of the water, mark the place of the original lock. They also contain statues which were part of the old lock. Four big heads depicting south, east, north and west. They are placed in the curved brick walls which form the back of the benches.

The benches can be found in the north-east part of Groningen, there is a road around the lock called ‘Oostersluisweg’. You wil find the benches at the side of the Damster-bridge, connecting ‘Damsterdiep’ with ‘Rijksweg’. From the pedestrian/ cyclists area on the bridge, cross the road and follow a small footpath through the grass field. There are two paths, one for each bench.

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  1. Locks are fascinating places – I enjoy being in proximity to the ” Lift Locks ” here ( Basically an water elevator ) – I like the idea of the paired benches as well

    1. Yes they are fascinating. Yesterday I cycled past this lock (which is very near to my house) and I stopped and watched the big ships going slowly into the lock. Several fathers with their kids were doing the same thing. It made me feel like a kid again myself.

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