Korreweg bridge

Groningen - Netherlands

Korreweg bridge - by Klopmasjien

The official name of this bridge is Gerrit Krol bridge, named after a local poet. But most people refer to it as the Korreweg bridge, because it is situated at the very end of a long street named Korreweg. The bench is next to the water on the Korreweg side. Look to your left, there is a small path next to the water between some trees.

The road on the bridge swings sidewards to let the big cargoships through on the busy canal. There is also a lot of road traffic passing the bridge, therefore the bridge opens and closes many times a day. Unfortunately, recently, a cargoship crashed into the bridge and left it heavily damaged. Now the swing bridge is always open. Only pedestrians and cyclists can pass, taking the higher passages of the bridge.

The soundscape was recorded long before the bridge was damaged. Cars and cyclists drive through the calm night. Some sounds and manipulation has been added. The humming at the beginning is the gentle sound the bridge itself makes, probably some electric parts.

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