Launching Pad

Peterborough - Canada

Launching Pad - by {AN} Eel

When I first became aware of this project, through the ENSEMBLE FOR SOUND POETRY AND CONTEMPORARY MUSIC (Specifically via Tonio Rumoer)  I was quite excited!

Here in Peterborough, Ontario there is a charming little lake – named, appropriately enough, Little Lake – And on the shores there is an art gallery. One thing they’ve done is create a series of benches along the shore – My personal favourite is the one I have chosen for this project – Initially, my impulse was to compose a piece of sound poetry on permutations of the word “ BENCH “ – I.E. – “ CHENB, NECBH, HECNB, etc… “ but I encountered some technical difficulties so I’ve included an unmodified field recording instead – In retrospect, I think this works better. The bench is a lovely piece of art in & of itself, and I enjoy the idea of this project simply documenting it, IN SITU, for this project.

Images / sounds by {AN} EeL

Chairs made by Michael Fortune. The piece is titled LAUNCHING PAD. More details at this link:

This track was made for Ensemble for Sound Poetry and Contemprary Music.

visit another bench:

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